This Little Furball Is on a Big Mission

Mr. Bagel - The Every Animal Project

(Story by Laura Lee Cascada / Photographs by Steve Byun, @chinnybuddy) This ball of fluff is Mr. Bagel. Despite how it looks, he’s not a gargantuan field mouse from some alternate universe of adorable creatures with big eyes and even bigger ears. He’s a chinchilla from regular old planet Earth. But before you run out […]

This Shaggy Dog Beat Heartworms–Now the Art He Inspired Is Saving Others Like Him

Teddy - Wags 4 Hope - The Every Animal Project

(By Laura Lee Cascada / Photographs by Annie Blumenfeld) Meet Teddy. Four years ago, he bounded into Connecticut teen Annie Blumenfeld’s life and changed it forever. Now, in 2016, Teddy spends his days watching chickens and roosters peck around the neighborhood, eagerly awaiting his next adventure with each walk and car ride. He lives a […]